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What’s Available

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All You Need

Mobile IV services that can refresh you after the most strenuous of activities, help you recover faster from flu symptoms, flush toxins out of your body and replenish your muscles with the hydration they need. Suffer from Migraine’s or had a few too many last night, IV infusions are your answer! Suffering from Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? I can help!

1. Download HYDREIGHT app below

2. Search desired infusion at Live Free Wellness and follow prompts 

3. All booking requests are directly to your location


Healing Begins Here

Life transitions are not complete without looking at the whole person.  Let Marrisa walk together as you are guided on a BREATHWORK journey to dig deeper into your past and release what is holding you back and creating fear in your life.  LOVE the LIFE you want and LIVE FREE on this journey.


Shifting Energy

Reiki meaning universal life-force energy is a simple yet powerful hands on healing modality helping to clear and move stuck energy within the body to create balance and harmony.

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New to the United States, Siwa Murti is a powerful Balinese healing modality that uses energy to heal physical and emotional ailments and conditions.


Care You Can Trust

With over 15 years as an RN, Marrisa spent over 12 years providing support for individuals, families and teams to guide appropriate medical treatment. She works directly to guide and move care forward, including family meetings. Concierge services include monthly injections, infusions, medication management and other nursing services.



Whether you or your family member is nearing the end of life, support will be provided including all healing modalities listed, medical advocacy, and support as needed and compassionate care. Please contact directly to discuss needs. 

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